Worship Songs


Each Sunday we gather to worship God through singing. We sing to collectively express our love and thankfulness to God, and to remind ourselves of His goodness. We want everyone  to be able to meet God this way and participate as part of the Church body, which is why it's important for us all to understand what it is we're singing about. If you're a parent these short descriptions of songs might be helpful in explaining what we're singing about to your children, if you're not not a parent you might find it helpful for you too!

Here are some of the songs that the bands plan on singing this term, why not have them on in the house so you get to know them? 


At Your Name In the Bible God appears to Moses in a fire and he tells him one of his names, "I Am". That means that He is the only thing that has existed forever and ever, and everything else that exists was made by him. He is the creator and the king of the universe; that's what we mean when we say "Yahweh".
Exodus 3: 13 - 15, 2 Samuel 7: 22, Pslam 24: 1 at your name

Final Say

Sometimes we can feel like we've messed up and are bad and dirty. People can tell us that we're useless and not important but Jesus says that He loves us and has brought us into His family. What he says is more important than what other people say or even how we feel because everything he says is true. Sometimes it can feel like there is so much evil and hurting in the world that things are probably just going to keep getting worse forever and that the world is doomed. But Jesus has already said that that won't happen, that He will rescue the world and that the world and God will live together in peace and happiness. We can be sure that this is the way things will end because He has said so; Jesus is the king of the world so he gets to decide.


Ephesians 1: 15 - 23

final say image
Freedom Before we knew Jesus, sin, the things we say and think and do that are wrong, could trap us. We could get stuck in patterns of behaviour or ways of thinking that were damaging to us and the people around us. We would want to stop but not seem to be able to. Jesus has broken the power of sin, and if we trust in Him we can get out of those damaging patterns of thinking and acting and instead leads lives that say that He is our king, and this way of living bring us far more joy and satisfaction. This song is about how Jesus has made a way to follow him and choose a better way of living.

2 Corinthians 3:17, Romans 6: 20 - 22 Freedom image
Good Good Father God is the king of the universe but thinking about that can sometimes make Him feel far away and hard to have a relationship with. This song reminds us that God is the king, but He is also a dad to us. He loves us like a good dad loves their children, and we can talk to him normally in the same way that a good dad talks to his children. Some people grew up without knowing their dad, or had a dad who didn't treat them well, but God isn't like that, He's the perfect dad who treats his children with love and kindness. Malachi 2: 10, Ephesians 3: 14 - 15 good good father

Greater Than It All

In this song we sing, "You are greater, Jesus, You are greater than it all." Just before He went back to heaven, Jesus said something amazing to His friends. He said, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me." Jesus has all authority, over everything. And if He has all authority, the devil has none! Isn't it amazing that the God with all authority loves and cares for us?


Matthew 28: 18

greater than it all
Happy Day This song is about celebrating. Celebrating that because Jesus chose to take the punishment for the things we do wrong instead of us, we are forgiven and part of God's family. And celebrating that Jesus is stronger than death itself and even though he died he came back to life again. Just like Jesus came back to life, one day we will die, but because of what he has done for us we will come back to life too. The day that Jesus showed that He is stronger than death was a happy day, and so was the day that we chose to trust and follow him because we know what He did for us and how much He must love us.

Luke 24: 1 - 3, Hebrews 10: 10, 1 Corinthians 13: 12, happy day pic
Holding Nothing Back This song is about looking at everything God has done for us and choosing to live lives that follow Him. God has loved us so much and because He has promised He will be with us and help us, we have the power to say 'no' to sin. We can have a relationship with God and in this song we tell Him that that is what we want; we want to have a close relationship with Him and to live in the ways He says are best. Acts 22: 14-16, Romans 6: 20 - 22, Psalm 119: 173 Holding nothing back image

Lion And The Lamb

This song is about two moments in time, it's about 2000 years ago when Jesus came to earth and announced that he was God and that He was king of the world, and it's about a time in the future when Jesus will come back and then everyone will know that He is the king. It also tells us two things about Jesus; he is powerful like a lion but he's also like a lamb, a young sheep, that was killed. In the olden days people used to kill animals as a symbol for how their selfishness and cruelty affected the world and caused suffering and death. The animal was getting the bad effects of what people do wrong instead of them. This is what Jesus did when He died for us. He chose to take all of the bad that we create and let it kill him instead of letting it hurt us. People expected that when Jesus came he would conquer the world with armies and violence but He actually came to help and to serve and forgive and to love people. We often think that ordering other people around and killing them if they don't do what we want makes you powerful, but Jesus says that's not what real power is - real power is loving people even when they don't deserve it and even if it hurts you to do it.


Revelation 5: 5 - 10. Mark 13: 26, Matthew 20: 28

Lion and Lamb image
Our Father This song uses the words from the beginning of The Lords Prayer, which is the way Jesus told us we should pray to God. It's about how God's goodness is everywhere in heaven, and we want the earth to be like that too. God has promised that one day he will bring heaven and earth together and rule as a good king over everyone, and everyone will love him and love one another.

Mark 6: 9 - 13 our father image
Yes And Amen This song is about how God always keeps His promises. When we pray he hears us, that doesn't mean that God will answer all of our prayers the way we want him to, but He has promised to always love us and forgive us and be with us, and that in the end he will turn everything to good, and we can rely on that.

2 Corinthians, 1: 20 yes and amen image
Your Grace Is Enough The apostle Paul was an amazing man of God, he travelled the world telling people about Jesus and a had a huge impact, but he said he didn't want to boast about his achievements, the only thing he wanted to boast about was God's grace. He tells that we don't have to be good to earn God's approval, the only thing we need is His grace, that is the free gift of forgiveness and a place in His family. We don't have to do anything because God has already done it all. Paul also tells us that he had a problem that he prayed for God to take away, but God didn't. God said, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” That means even when things are going wrong in life we can still rely on God, when we feel weak He is still strong, and the gift He's given us in brining us into His family is bigger than any problem we have in life. 2 Corinthians 12: 6 - 10 your grace is enough