Reflect Pregancy Support


An unintended pregnancy can be a crisis for anyone, no matter what your age, status or circumstance. It can be a difficult and confusing experience to face.

There are many facing pregnancy with fear and loneliness, under incredible pressure to act in a certain way. That’s why we’ve partnered with ‘Reflect’ in York, to offer their excellent pregnancy crisis service here in Harrogate.
We want to see people in this difficult position supported through the decision making process, to allow women and men in Harrogate to make an informed decision about a pregnancy crisis without fear, pressure or judgement.

Is this for you?

‘Reflect‘ offers support to those carrying an unintended pregnancy or who have suffered a miscarriage. You will talk to a trained volunteer who will listen, offer space to think, support and help as you consider any options you are facing.
If you would like more information please visit Reflect’s website.