What Kind of Church?

There are 3 words that define the community we are committed to building at Hope.


‘Amazing Grace’ is our anthem. Grace says that in Jesus we are more accepted than we could ever dare to imagine!
Grace puts the 'buzz' in community. It makes it possible to bring together those who wouldn’t normally mix and enables everyone to be themselves despite their differences.



The church we are building is far from ‘boring’. Life in the Holy Spirit is free, creative, powerful, passionate and bold. There is to be nothing predictable about the Christian life and our times meeting together.
We are passionate that every person grows in a love for God and is able to express this released from the constraints of religion and culture.


We love the Bible. It is God’s word to us, all about Jesus. It takes insecure people and makes them secure by showing that their biggest problem has already been dealt with by Jesus. It reveals the big picture of what God is up to and gives our lives incredible meaning by placing us in this picture. 

We are committed to teaching the Bible in a way that inspires young and old. We love unpacking eternal truths and showing how practical and relevant they are for twenty-first century life.

We believe that a community like this, dependent on ‘Grace’, enjoying life in the Holy Spirit and the truth of the Bible can change the world!