About Us

In 2010, John and Kate Payne moved to Harrogate to start a new church.

We gathered a few others and began to meet in homes across Harrogate to pray for the town and surrounding area. Although small, we were inspired by a big vision of what God wanted to do.

We grew in purpose and number, and officially launched as ‘Hope Church’ in 2011. It’s a name that speaks of what we feel most passionately about - a church that changes the lives of people from every generation and every background with the real and lasting Hope that is Jesus. 

Serving Together

It’s been wonderful watching this vision become reality. Over time Hope has changed a lot. We are becoming truly multicultural and multigenerational. The look and feel of the church continues to change as people join us from a vast range of different backgrounds, all with the same Hope! 

We’re excited about what God has in store for North Yorkshire. We are passionate about touching many other villages, towns, cities and even nations with the Hope of Jesus.