Our next Alpha course starts on:

Thursday 28th January 2021 on Zoom:  
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We'd love you to join us!

Thursday nights
Starting on the  28th January 2021 until 25th March

7:45 – 9:15pm

Where? Online!
It's never been easier to join in Alpha - now you can connect with us from the comfort of your own home. Find a comfy spot on the sofa, get your drinks/snacks/puddings at the ready, and join in for lots of fun and great conversation on Zoom. 


If the day or time doesn't work for you, you can find details of other Alphas in Harrogate at alphaharrogate.org . Or follow Harrogate Alpha on Facebook or Instagram

Alpha runs for 8-9 weeks, but you're free to try it for a week or two without committing to the whole lot. 

What is Alpha

Alpha is one of the best ways of exploring life’s biggest questions. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. Our Alpha lasts nine weeks and each evening begins the opportunity to get to know the other people. Next, there’s a thought-provoking film on a different aspect of the Christian faith followed by time for discussion. This is your chance to ask your questions and help each other to discover some answers. No question is too simple or too feisty at Alpha.

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Who is Alpha for?

Over 2.5 million people in the UK have done Alpha, and over 27 million worldwide. It is primarily designed for people who wouldn’t normally go to church, but is open to anyone who wants to explore some of life’s biggest questions. People do Alpha for a variety of reasons - some are interested in whether God exists, others have attended church in the past but feel they have never understood the basics. Alpha is a no-pressure course, which means we won’t chase you up if you decide not to come back. So come along and see if it’s for you!

“What Alpha offers, and what is attracting thousands of people, is permission, rare in secular culture, to discuss the big questions – life and death and their meaning.”

The Guardian


 “What distinguishes Alpha from other initiatives is the easy-going, relaxed feel to proceedings – that and its astonishing success.”

The Times

Alpha makes Christianity relevant to modern life.”

Daily Express


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