What midweek groups are available?

We are a church made up of many different midweek groups of all shapes and sizes that run each term for 10-12 weeks at a time. Each group is designed to help people connect into the church family, find real friendship and grow in faith. We encourage every person who calls Hope Church 'home' to try a midweek group. 

How to join a midweek group

Our groups are open to join during signup 'windows' three times a year in September, January and May.  When signup is open, you'll be able to join a group by selecting 'signup' on your group of choice from the list below.   


If you have any questions about midweek groups, please start by looking at the FAQs here.


Midweek Groups FAQs


I'm not yet connected with Hope Church, can I join a group?

We'd love to connect with you! Our groups are for those who have decided they want to be part of the Hope Church family. If you are not yet connected with Hope Church and would like to be, please get in touch here.


Can I join more than one group?

No, we're asking you to only sign up for one group please as space is at a premium. (The exception to this is the Chaotic Coffee group because of its unique format).

Will the course or book themed groups still have time for catching up and praying for each other?

Yes, all the groups are focused on connecting, finding friends and growing in faith. Whatever type of group you choose, the leaders will make time for connection and prayer.